Research on Implications of Displacement for Older Workers

October 3, 2019

Research on the implications of displacement for older workers.

The Heldrich Center is conducting research on the implications of displacement for older workers, whether caused by shifts in technology, automation, offshoring, climate change, less stable work arrangements, wage stagnation, income inequality, or other catalysts. The research looks to review the current — and inadequate — landscape for worker adjustment transition assistance in the United States. It also seeks to explore what the United States can learn from other countries, as well as from promising state, local, nonprofit, or private-sector initiatives. Based on the research findings, the Heldrich Center will offer a set of policy recommendations that may relate to education and training, unemployment insurance and income support, portable benefits, early intervention, and layoff aversion to help older American workers cope with and prepare for future dislocations. 

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