• Photo of Sherrill Austin

    Sherrill Austin

    Center Administrator

    Fiscal Operations, Grant Management, Decision Support, Contract Management and Accounting

  • Photo of InBum Chung

    InBum Chung

    Art Director/Designer

    Creative/Art Direction/Design, Copy Writing/Editing, Branding/Messaging, Social Media, Marketing/Sales Collateral, Motion Graphics/Video/Photo, Data Visualization and Infographics, Email Marketing, Internal Communications

  • Photo of Robb Sewell

    Robb Sewell

    Communications Project Manager

    Social Media, External Communications, Public Relations, Using Social Media for the Job Search, Career Explorations, Event Planning and Management, Internal Communications, Copy Writing/Editing

  • Photo of Bernadina Smiley

    Bernadina Smiley

    Accounting Coordinator

    Contract Management and Accounting, Financial Management