Research on Green Jobs and Higher Education in New Jersey

July 16, 2011

Research study to understand the demand for green jobs in New Jersey.

In 2011, the Heldrich Center conducted research to understand the demand for green jobs in New Jersey and to assess the development of education and training programs to meet this demand. The center created six key products, including a searchable database of credential-based green education and training programs in the state; a report documenting the employment outcomes of completers of green credit-based credential programs; a report on summarizing interviews with 25 employers on the skill and workforce needs of key green industries; a template for green labor market information reports; brochures and online materials for students and job seekers that assist them to understand the demand for green jobs and to make informed decisions about green education and training; and a report that described the landscape of green, postsecondary education and training in New Jersey and that summarized 23 interviews with community college educators and other postsecondary stakeholders on the processes higher education institutions used to understand the demand for green jobs and credentials and to build appropriate credit and noncredit credential programs.


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Understanding Green Jobs in New Jersey


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