Strategically Virtual: The Value of Chunking Information for Job Seekers

June 8, 2021

New blog post examines the benefits of chunking critical information for job seekers.

Job search is an overwhelming process. Many job seekers find themselves bombarded with large amounts of new information, tools, and techniques that are intended to help them land their next job opportunity. For many job seekers, the difficulties lie in taking in all the relevant information and then turning that information into action. To better help job seekers manage and cope with the stress of job loss and job search, the public workforce system should find ways to help navigate and alleviate the emotional challenges of job search when it comes to service delivery. One way to do this is to adopt a “chunking” technique when giving job seekers new information about the job search.

Chunking information is a learning strategy that involves taking large amounts of information and turning it into smaller modules that are offered over time. Rather than teaching one large or broad subject at a time, chunking involves creating narrower subtopics and sharing them one at a time. A new blog post by Liana Volpe and Amanda Bombino examines the concept of chunking and provides useful tips so that the public workforce system can chunk critical information for job seekers.