Strategically Virtual: The Rise of Behavioral Assessments in Hiring

To manage the dramatic rise in job applications and more virtual hiring processes during the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are turning to technology to help them sort through applicants.

Today, it is often the case that software systems will review an applicant’s résumé before a recruiter or hiring manager does. Applicant tracking systems have long been a fixture in the hiring landscape, but employers are now adding more steps in the hiring process, most notably, behavioral assessments embedded in online applications.

To effectively support job seekers who must submit online applications, the public workforce system should be aware of some of the most common behavioral assessments in order to be able to provide job seekers with information on how these assessments affect the hiring process. As business engagement staff work with local employers, they should gather information on the assessments used by employer partners and how these assessments are used in the hiring process so this information can be shared with individuals applying for positions online.

A new Medium blog post by Michele Martin and Amanda Bombino examines how employers are using behavioral assessments in the hiring process. It also reviews some of the common assessments that job seekers may encounter during their job search.

Michele Martin is Director of Technical Assistance at the Heldrich Center and Director of the New Start Career Network. Amanda Bombino is a Research Intern at the Heldrich Center.