Strategically Virtual: Job Search Burnout and Strategies for Prioritizing Well-Being

June 29, 2021

A new blog post examines job search burnout and offers practical solutions for coping with burnout.

Job search is often a stressful and overwhelming process for job seekers. As the job search goes on, many job seekers may find themselves burnt out after submitting hundreds of applications, especially if there has been little to no response or reward. The constant rejection that comes with the job search can also contribute to this feeling of burnout, particularly if one has been looking for a position for months or even years.

Burnout can often lead to inaction, which in turn can have the effect of prolonging the job search. The emotional and physical symptoms of burnout can act as major impediments to the job search. In the long term, burnout can cause damaging effects on the mind and body, including but not limited to anxiety disorders, susceptibility to illness, and chronic fatigue. Because physical and emotional burnout can manifest differently depending on the person, it is important to develop self-awareness of symptoms and triggers in order to combat burnout.

In a new Medium blog post, Amanda Bombino and Liana Volpe discuss burnout from the job search, including its causes and symptoms. They also offer five practical strategies so that job seekers, as well as workforce professionals, can understand and cope with the emotional and physical toll of burnout.

Bombino is a Research Intern and Volpe is a Research Project Coordinator at the Heldrich Center.