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Provides proceedings from a December 2016 Statewide Forum on New Jersey's Education to Earnings Data System.


Highlights the recipients of the John J. Heldrich Distinguished Leadership Awards, which were presented in April 2016. Recipients included: New Jersey Resources, Kessler Foundation, the Philip and Tammy Murphy Family Foundation, NJM Insurance Group, and William J. Palatucci.


Interview with Robb C. Sewell, senior writer/editor at the Heldrich Center. He discusses his educational and professional background, his most memorable projects, his passion for writing, and the importance of social media to job seekers.


The NTAR Leadership Center, housed at the Heldrich Center and established in September 2007, was a collaboration of partners with expertise in workforce development, disability and employment, economic development, financial education and benefits planning, and leadership development. The NTAR Leadership Center's mission is to increase the employment and economic independence of adults with disabilities by promoting engaged and sustained leadership and partnerships within and among states. Key strategies and initiatives undertaken by the Center included:


Provides information about the New Start Career Network, including services, partners and collaborators, and information about the project team. Also examines the devastating impacts of long-term unemployment.