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Describes how scholars used data from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to link 82% of secondary school exiters (18 or older) between 2011 and 2015 with the State of New Jersey’s higher education enrollment and Unemployment Insurance wage data.


This report, published by the Century Foundation, looks at the impact that raising the federal minimum wage would have on America’s food insecurity problem.


Provides comprehensive findings from an evaluation of workforce services provided through the One-Stop Career Centers in New Jersey.


Provides proceedings from a December 2016 Statewide Forum on New Jersey's Education to Earnings Data System.


Highlights the recipients of the John J. Heldrich Distinguished Leadership Awards, which were presented in April 2016. Recipients included: New Jersey Resources, Kessler Foundation, the Philip and Tammy Murphy Family Foundation, NJM Insurance Group, and William J. Palatucci.