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Nidhi Tandon

Research Staff

Research Assistant

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Mentoring, Project Management, Nonprofit Management and Community Outreach, Data Collection, Spatial Analysis and Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation

Nidhi Tandon is a Research Assistant at the Heldrich Center, where she is primarily involved in studies on workforce development and education. She has extensive experience in the field of standardized assessment operations, where she evaluated and validated scoring rubrics, trained and mentored a team of scorers, identified key performance indicators, and resolved performance deficiencies by leading mentoring and remediation sessions. Additionally, Nidhi also coordinated and managed a large data collection study for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, assisted with sampling activities, determined staffing and scheduling requirements, and performed quality checks. She worked for the Bombay Metropolitan Regional Development Authority as a planner in infrastructure and municipal finance, urban housing, and slum resettlement. In this capacity, she was also a part of the Working Group for the Ninth Five-Year Plan for the Government of India. Finally, she launched a nonprofit to mentor students with cross-cultural background in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education, and has volunteered her time developing content expertise and customized educational plans, and spearheaded the implementation of a digital learning plan to mitigate the educational disparities in slums and tribal districts in India.

Nidhi holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Policy Planning and Development from the Indian Institute of Technology, a Master of Science in Geography (with specialization in Urban and Regional Planning) from the University of Calcutta, and a professional certification in project management from Cornell University.