Research Products

Work Trends Reports


Examines older (age 50 and above) part-time workers in America and their experiences in the workplace. Looks at the reasons they are working, the advantages and disadvantages of part-time work, older part-timers' finances, how older part-timers compare to full-time workers and younger part-timers, and policy proposals that might aid older part-timers.


Provides a detailed portrait of part-time work and part-time workers in America.


Explores the experiences of unemployed Americans, and especially the long-term unemployed. Examines the recession’s impact on the financial condition of unemployed Americans and how they’ve attempted to cope with their diminished income and savings. Presents new data on the extent of support from employed and unemployed workers for governmental policies and programs to lower unemployment.


Explores Americans' views on the impact of the recession on the national economy and their own finances. Also describes how the public currently views the U.S. economy and their own financial condition in 2014. Finally, examines the public's perceptions of the American worker and government responsiveness and competence.


Explores Americans' experiences during and after the Great Recession, including their assessments of the labor market and economy, the impact of the recession on their finances, and causes of high unemployment.