Heidkamp on Unemployed Job Seekers

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Senior Researcher and Director of the New Start Career Network Maria Heidkamp was interviewed on Public Radio International (PRI)’s To the Point, alongside Amy Goldstein, Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post reporter and author of the new book Janesville, and Craig Gilbert, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Washington Bureau Chief, who writes the Wisconsin Voter blog about politics and elections.

Goldstein’s book follows several workers from Janesville, Wisconsin, from the closing of the Janesville General Motors Assembly Plant two days before Christmas of 2008 through their efforts to restructure their lives. Some return to school for GEDs and college degrees, with very mixed outcomes. Others become “Janesville Gypsies” whose families continue to live in Janesville while they take jobs at other GM plants hundreds of miles away. Few return to the kinds of wages they were earning previously. In addition to the financial pressures, most struggle with deep emotional and personal stress, which also affects their partners and children.

Heidkamp weighed in on some of the similar challenges that New Start Career Network’s older, long-term unemployed job seekers also encounter.

To listen to the interview, please click here.




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