Please click on each staff member's name for their full biographical profile. Please note that the fax number for all Heldrich Center staff is 732.932.3454.

  • Senior Faculty Fellow

    Work, Family Life, and Family Sustainability

  • Research Project Assistant

    Data Collection and Analysis, Gender Policy, Housing Policy, Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Policy, Program Evaluation, Qualitative Research, Social Policy, Work and Income Support Programs (TANF, Paid Family Leave, Sick Leave)

  • Project Coordinator

    Career and Education Awareness, Career and Technical Education, Instructional Technology

  • Senior Researcher

    Career and Education Awareness, Career and Technical Education, Disability Employment, Health Care Sector Strategies, Program Evaluation

  • Senior Researcher and Director, New Start Career Network

    Disability Employment, Dislocated Workers, Higher Education/Community Colleges, Long-term Unemployment, Older Workers, Program Evaluation, Reemployment

  • Visting Scholar
  • Research Associate

    Data Collection and Analysis; Income and Work Support Policies (TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, childcare, tax credits, housing); Program Evaluation

  • Executive Director

    Disability Employment, Research Design, Workforce Policy

  • Non-Resident Scholar for Diversity Studies

    Diversity, Inclusion, and Sustainability

  • Director of Research and Evaluation

    Data Collection, Mining, and Analysis; Higher Education/Community Colleges; Program Evaluation; Research Design

  • Professor and Chief Economist

    Economics of Social Issues, Labor Economics

  • Visiting Non-Resident Scholar

    Data Collection, Mining, and Analysis

  • Professor and Senior Faculty Fellow

    Globalization of Innovation, Engineering, and Technology Design; Labor Market Policy; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; Workplace Restructuring

  • Researcher

    Income and Work Support Policies (TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, childcare, tax credits, housing); WIA Job Training Programs; Community Colleges; Program Evaluation; Data Mining and Predictive Analytics; Qualitative Research on Program Implementation

  • Senior Writer/Editor

    Social Media, Communications, Using Social Media for the Job Search

  • Carl Van Horn
    Director and Distinguished Professor of Public Policy

    Dislocated Workers, Long-term Unemployment, Older Workers, Research Design, Workforce Policy

  • Senior Research Fellow and Professor

    Research Methodology and Survey Design